lol外围投注app_Recently, Joe took part in a public welfare activity with a leisure and entertainment suit and jeans, and auctioned the cooperation necklace on the spot to help public welfare dedication. Joe refused to accept an exclusive interview. In this event, Joe responded that he would not return to the live auction of necklaces, on the one hand, because he hated the puppy decoration on it, on the other hand, he hoped that he could help those guarding children at his own cost, and urged better peopl


e to help public welfare undertakings. At the same time, he admits that he usually doesn’t pay attention to some public welfare projects, and he firmly believes that every seemingly strength will turn into a great love. Shortly before Joe’s appearance at the event, Joe urged everyone to participate in the public welfare toil plan with sound on social media, expecting everyone to join him in opposing and assisting the hearing impaired group. Therefore, fans responded positively to the idol’s solidarity, and res


ponded that they would not follow all the way, which also showed that Joe obviously influenced more people to pay attention to public welfare and devote themselves to love. Looking at the camera, Joe not only has his own determination and views on the road of public welfare, but also has never stopped his own steps on the road of film and television. In 2018, three works 《夜天子》 《心爱的》 《那沾归属于我的星光》 starring him will meet with you. I hope this kind-hearted actor will bring us more wonderful performances.本文来源:lol外围投注